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During the three days of the Fair, international conferences and workshops will offer open surveys and debates oriented to the growth of the sector.

scuola - convegni - big buyer 2021


AUDITORIUM Wednesday 10 november – 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Conference organized by CONFCOMMERCIO/FEDERCARTOLAI and BIG BUYER, in collaboration with MIUR (Ministry of Education), Commissione Cultura, Scienze e Istruzione, Impresa Cultura Italia and Teacher Association DIESSE (Didactics and School Innovation).
The School is experiencing a phase of profound transformation, that involves Teachers, Users/Consumers, Industry and Distribution.
In the background, a very complex and “fluid” scenario from an economic, social and cultural point of view, where the restrictions induced by the health emergency have questioned many of the previous parameter.
Consequently, today, all the actors involved have to call into question: the School, grappling with new teaching methodologies and tools; the Industry, which experiments with unprecedented development guidelines, with a look towards the sustainability; the Consumer increasingly selective in purchases and the Stationery, which is reviewing its role in the name of optimizing the service to the Customer/Student. The event intends to offer a discussion table where all the operators involved can express their own ideas, contribute to outline shared paths of evolution of the School and the Supply Chain.


  • Francesca Puglisi, Chief of Technical Secretariat of the Minister of Education
    The PNRR and the investments planned for the transformation process that will impact the school: from Distance Learning to digital evolution, with the related new cultural and educational tools.
  • Stefano Bonaccini, President of Emilia Romagna
    How changes the School in Emilia-Romagna after the pandemic situation: investiment, infrastructure and new politics for an Education up to date. Inauguration of the Fair and ribbon-cutting cerimony.
  • Carlo Fontana, National President of Agis and of Impresa Cultura Italia Confcommercio
    The programs of innovation that are driving the evolution of the national school system to respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world.
  • Carlo Di Michele, National President of DIESSE
    Faced with the changes that have profoundly changed the way of doing school, there is a need for innovation and to rethink the school system in its complexity and entirety. How the industry can tune into the transformation in action.
  • Medardo Montaguti, National President of Federcartolai and Vice President of Confcommercio – BO
    Powered the role of stationery in supporting, on the one hand, of renewed programs and activities in the schools and, on the other, new emerging needs of students and families.


Conference moderated by Fabrizio Binacchi, Director of Rai 3 Emilia Romagna.

  • With the contribution of Industry representatives in the Sector.
    Producers will be able to raise opinions and ask questions to the speakers, also highlighting how the industry is moving in terms of the ecological transition and with reference to Research & Development activities and confronting themselves in a proactive way with other actors in field in the general interest of the evolution of the school.



ufficio - convegni - big buyer 2021


AUDITORIUM – Thursday 11 November 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Places, spaces, technologies and agile work methods are quickly changing the way we work. New needs and new purchasing methods are gradually bringing major changes to commercial offers on the market, which, for our sector, is increasingly ready to embrace new challenges in terms of products and services.

The meeting will be introduced and moderated by Adriano Alessio, CEO of Gruppo In Ufficio.


  • Antonietta Mira, Professor of Statistics at Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano and Università dell’lnsubria, Como
    Statistical introduction: an analysis of the changes taking place in work methods with reference to the traditional office or rather to the office of the future and the trend in agile working in its various forms.
  • Videocall: Gianmarco Bocchiola Partner of Coima Image
    What remains and how space evolves in the work environment in its various ‘internal’ and ‘external’ forms. The office becomes polycentric and takes shape around people and their needs while remaining an important focal point and facilitating human experiences and interaction.
  • Luca Battistelli, Business Manager of Prase Media Technologies
    The office of the future will reflect new working flexibility. Head offices, branch offices and teleworking employees need to be able to rely on effective technological solutions and collaborate smoothly by overcoming distances.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION Production and Distribution: the first responses to emerging needs

Ferdinando Rese, President of Errebian SpA

Francesca Jacqueline Mele, Business Manager Durable Italia

Francesco Villa, General Manager of Gruppo Buffetti

Franco Grossi, Head of Marketing Office Distribution

Jonathan Barbieri, CEO of Unisit



green - big buyer 2021 - convegno


AUDITORIUM – Thursday 11 November 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Big Buyer, continuing to search for new development opportunities for the Stationery and Office sectors, wants to create a further comparison between Experts and Professionals to identify new opportunities and future prospects in respect of the Environment and Sustainability.
Coordinates and Moderates the Conference Cristina Ravazzi, consultant and trainer in Marketing, Distribution-Commercial and Visual Merchandising fields. Author of the book “Visual Merchandising per la Cartoleria e l’Ufficio” published by Franco Angeli.


  • Marco Cuppini, Research and Communication Director of GS1 Italy
    Sustainability, centrality of information, circularity:  an obligatory challenge for Industry and Distribution, which passes from reading data and measuring.
  • Vincenzo Agliottone, Project Manager of Play Together Special Children
    The culture surrounding the green world is increasingly in tune with the new market trends. The signals of change direct the consumer to adopt new value measures of behaviour and inclusion.
  • Cristina Ravazzi
    How to develop and valorise the “green” products from Production, to Digital, to the physical Point of Sale with a multichannel marketing approach that involves all points of contact with the Customer and all the players in the Supply Chain.


Stefania Tenderini, General Manager of Avery

Andrea Carnevale, Chief Marketing Officer of Cartiere Paolo Pigna

Mariolina Brovelli, Marketing Director of Faber-Castell



social - convegni - big buyer 2021


AUDITORIUM – Friday 12 November 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

The workshops of Veronica Gentili, “guru” of Social Media Marketing, continue. She explains how to use Facebook and Instagram to increase your business turnover and provides detailed information on the opportunities guaranteed by Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. A real training course dedicated to Social Networks and tailored to our sector.

  • Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, all the news to know
  • Green, how important is it in Social Networks? How to communicate it?
  • Is it worth opening a shop on Facebook and Instagram?
  • Sale of products via social media: possibilities and advice for stationeries


Alberto Mazza, General Manager and Madga Borsani, Marketing Manager of Stabilo.

The communication on the Social Networks with the final consumer as key of success also in the trade: the case history of STABILO Italia.