ufficio - convegni - big buyer 2021


AUDITORIUM – Thursday 11 November 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Places, spaces, technologies and agile work methods are quickly changing the way we work. New needs and new purchasing methods are gradually bringing major changes to commercial offers on the market, which, for our sector, is increasingly ready to embrace new challenges in terms of products and services.

The meeting will be introduced and moderated by Adriano Alessio, CEO of Gruppo In Ufficio.


  • Antonietta Mira, Professor of Statistics at Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano and Università dell’lnsubria, Como
    Statistical introduction: an analysis of the changes taking place in work methods with reference to the traditional office or rather to the office of the future and the trend in agile working in its various forms.
  • Videocall: Gianmarco Bocchiola Partner of Coima Image
    What remains and how space evolves in the work environment in its various ‘internal’ and ‘external’ forms. The office becomes polycentric and takes shape around people and their needs while remaining an important focal point and facilitating human experiences and interaction.
  • Luca Battistelli, Business Manager of Prase Media Technologies
    The office of the future will reflect new working flexibility. Head offices, branch offices and teleworking employees need to be able to rely on effective technological solutions and collaborate smoothly by overcoming distances.

ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION Production and Distribution: the first responses to emerging needs

Ferdinando Rese, President of Errebian SpA

Francesca Jacqueline Mele, Business Manager Durable Italia

Francesco Villa, General Manager of Gruppo Buffetti

Franco Grossi, Head of Marketing Office Distribution

Jonathan Barbieri, CEO of Unisit