Awards will make the BIG BUYER’s atmosphere even more sparkling and will see the major Players of the industry as protagonists.

The Corporate Culture Award
13th edition

gold medal intended for young managers in the Production, Distribution and Retail sectors, who, throughout the year, have stood out for their work commitment, innovative ideas and results achieved in the growth of the Company.


To date, the following have received the Corporate Culture Award:

2007 – Davide Giustacchini, Stefania Tenderini, Stefano Di Veroli. 2008 – Alessandro Bazzocchi, Clelia Boggia, Luca Gelmini. 2009 – Marina Brizzolari, Matteo Villa, Pietro Sbaraini. 2010 – Nicola Pisani, Stefano Ciardiello, Ivan Conter. 2011 – Vincenzo e Dario Pisani, Alessandro Storti, Lorenzo Villa. 2012 – Alex Masci, Simone Mingiacchi, Giovanni Russoni. 2013 – Marcello Prosdocimi, Pierpaolo Poli Cappelli, Cataldo Martinelli. 2014 – Angelo Rioli, Giulio e Marco Scipioni. 2015 – Giulia Vitali. 2016 Luigi Junior e Raffaele Giglio. 2017 – Roberto Merigiola. 2018 – Fabio e Francesco Ferella. 2019 – Laura Chemolli e Paolo Chemolli.


Top Design Award
13th edition

silver plaque awarded to Office Products exhibited in the Design, Form & Functionality area. A Panel of Experts awards a Prize for the best Design, based on aesthetic appeal and practicality, as a value-added feature of a product.


To date, the following have won the Top Design Award:

2007 – Roller Frixion Pen by Nykor Pilot Pen.
2008 – DocuPen RC800 distrubuted by Gatti.
2009 – Laptop SKIN by Lavatelli.
2010 – Lavagna Taurus by Legamaster.
2011 – Air Press Tombow Pen, distributed by Koh-I-Noor Italia.
2012 – Mat4 from Linea Martini Touch by Vittorio Martini.
2013 – MyPAD, created by Fabriano-Fedrigoni.
2014 – EASYbirdy Pen by Stabilo.
2015 – PIXMA MG7750 BK by Canon Italia.
2016 – Timbro Colla by Tesa.
2017 – Sit-Stand Lotus by Fellowes Leonardi.
2018 – Writing Instrument SPACE by Pininfarina.
2019 – “ZENITH GOLD” line by Balma, Capoduri & C.

Web Stationery Award 
4th edition

Organised by the web magazine COMMERCIO, CARTOLERIA & CO. and dedicated to the School and Education sector. Users registered with the portal have the opportunity to vote, with a simple click, for the product they prefer among those selected by the Editorial office. The winning product, receiving a prestigious silver plaque, is exhibited in a dedicated area at BIG BUYER.


To date, the following have won the Web Stationery Award:

2016Smemoranda 2017 by GUT Distribution. 2017 – 4Colori Fluo Pen by BIC. 2018 – i Profumelli Crayola by Binney & Smith. 2019 – Sparkle coloured pencils by A.W. Faber-Castell Italia.