Awards will make the BIG BUYER’s atmosphere even more sparkling and will see the major Players of the industry as protagonists.

Top Design Award
16th edition

silver plaque awarded to Office Products exhibited in the Design, Form & Functionality area. A Panel of Experts awards a Prize for the best Design, based on aesthetic appeal and practicality, as a value-added feature of a product.

To date, the following have won the Top Design Award:

2007 – Roller Frixion Pen by Nykor Pilot Pen.
2008 – DocuPen RC800 distrubuted by Gatti.
2009 – Laptop SKIN by Lavatelli.
2010 – Lavagna Taurus by Legamaster.
2011 – Air Press Tombow Pen, distributed by Koh-I-Noor Italia.
2012 – Mat4 from Linea Martini Touch by Vittorio Martini.
2013 – MyPAD, created by Fabriano-Fedrigoni.
2014 – EASYbirdy Pen by Stabilo.
2015 – PIXMA MG7750 BK by Canon Italia.
2016 – Timbro Colla by Tesa.
2017 – Sit-Stand Lotus by Fellowes Leonardi.
2018 – Writing Instrument SPACE by Pininfarina.
2019 – “ZENITH GOLD” line by Balma, Capoduri & C.
2022 – LUCTRA FLEX® by Durable Hunke & Jochheim GmbH & Co. KG.

Green Future Award 
3rd edition


The Green Environment & Sustainability Area showcases a flowerbed of products made in respect of the environment with ecological, eco-sustainable and eco-friendly criteria, enhancing the circular economy.

The First Edition was won by:

2021 B2P ECOBALL by Nykor Pilot Pen.
2022 – tesapack® ECO & ULTRA STRONG ecoLogo®
by tesa.